Drawing with Jack

Sketching with Jack

On Sunday afternoon in the backyard with our sketchbooks and pencils, seven year old Jack and I agreed that the focal point of our drawings would be the small tree in front of the large palm.  He also suggested that we draw only the outline of objects since  we didn’t “have 3-D paper to show the whole shapes.”  I just LOVED that comment — it revealed an understanding of the importance of the right tools for the job at hand as well as a glimpse into a very orderly mind engaged in observing and sorting his world.  If you said, “Firstborn child?” you’d be correct.

When we’d finished, we showed our drawings to one another.  Clearly Jack had paid more attention to the assignment (small tree) than I did.  Oh, for the ability to concentrate and focus ….  But we’d each seen things that the other missed and it was delightful to discover those elements and discuss.  We were two artists interpreting what we saw — confident and able — on a very equal footing.  I think I enjoyed that feeling more than Jack did — and he loved it!

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