Reds are always a good idea ….

It must be because the temperatures are in the 70’s today, here in the depth of our Northern winter, that I’m moved to paint flowers — in warm colors.  Actually, I don’t ever need ANY encouragement to paint flowers, but today it does seem reasonable to imagine that these blooms can’t be far away from showing off in the garden …. The watercolor red roses are a practice/color study for painting wet on wet and wet on dry — an excellent exercise on any day, really.


Practice, practice, practice

img_0498This is a section of my floor to ceiling bulletin board, which has many drawings in charcoal, colored pencil, marker, pastel, crayon and any other medium my teacher could think of for me to use as I practiced, practiced (and practiced some more) my drawing skills on the challenging still life tableaux she prepared each week. She encouraged me to draw every day, which I did — and still do.  My ability to draw improved dramatically in a relatively short time — it’s made such a difference in my work ….

I hope the sunflower painting by my grandson Jack (he was 4 at the time) makes you smile.   We’d just spent the morning at a sunflower farm in Kansas and his interpretation captures the mood.  I’m always inspired by the delight that’s so obvious here — and how about that signature?!

The first time …

That first time I offered my paintings for sale was one of the most petrifying, vulnerable moments I can remember (second only to having a teen aged son with a brand new driver’s license steer my car out of the driveway for the first time).   The reaction to my work was wonderful and I genuinely enjoyed my conversations with interested customers.  I particularly loved that the persons who purchased the paintings of water saw in these small works bodies of water that had special meaning for them — lake, ocean, Atlantic,  Pacific etc.  I was delighted to realize that my work evoked memories that made these folks smile.  That day, even more than usual, I headed home with a full and grateful heart.